Rapid Pricing

We know that pricing a job accurately and competitively can be a time consuming process, one that is important to get right. That is why we made the process of entering items and prices as simple as possible – just enter an item description, quantity and a price and let Estimaker do the rest. Need to include tax calculations? Estimaker can do that too, enter the tax rate and Estimaker will automatically calculate tax for each item. You no longer need a complicated spreadsheet!

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Professional Estimates and Invoices

Estimaker comes with a wide selection of letter templates, all of which can be customised to match your business image. If you prefer to present your estimate items as a simple list without prices, or to give your customers a detailed breakdown of costs and quantities in a table – Estimaker has got you covered. Choosing what information is included is as simple as ticking a box.

Creating an invoice is easy too. You can take a previously made estimate, or start from scratch and generate an invoice using the same quantities and prices.

Customizable Letters

Estimates and invoices created by Estimaker are entirely customizable. Using the built in editor, you can change every element of the letters; fonts, sizes and text are all customizable. If you need to make even more changes, you can save the letter and edit it with your favourite word processor; including Microsoft Word or Google Docs. When you’re finished, you can export your letter as a PDF – ready to be sent straight to the customer. Alternatively, you can print your invoices and estimates from Estimaker.

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Import existing spreadsheets

Estimaker can import any existing pricing or invoicing spreadsheets you have. For example, if you have a spreadsheet template containing all your common billing items, you can import the items and prices directly into an Estimaker project. Alternatively, you can also export Estimaker projects to Excel format.

Currency and language support

Estimaker comes with full translations for 12 different languages and also supports over 100 different currencies. Simply select your desired language and currency and Estimaker will produce estimates and invoices in these locales.

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