Pricing a job

See how Estimaker can be used to price a job, create an estimate and then create an invoice.

Enter project and customer details

Fill out the important details of the project – including the customer’s contact details and any other relevant information.


Begin pricing the job

Use Estimaker’s familiar interface to build up a list of individual items for the job. Total costs are automatically calculated based on the unit price and quantity. Use the surcharge column to charge one-off fees for each item or service. 


Setup tax settings

This step is optional. If you would like Estimaker to calculate tax (such as VAT) then used the tax button to set the rate of tax.


Create an estimate

Use the letter wizard to generate an estimate. Select a template to start from and then refine what information to include.

Letter wizard

Tweak and save the estimate

Edit the content and appearance of the estimate letter using the built in editor. This can be sent straight to the customer as a PDF or printed out.

Estimate letter

Create an invoice

Once the job is ready to be billed, the same estimate can be tweaked and converted to an invoice.

Example invoice

Try using Estimaker for yourself...